Take II.

So! It’s been a while. I thought a fresh start and a new look may be the answer to my lack of inspiration/motivation in regards to the site. It’s been a tough year, but we’re getting there.

Updates: I’ve been busy making many things, including a few experiments, some successful, some less so, all fun to try. I was gifted a new sewing machine (eeek!) and have been enjoying learning to use it, it’s quite a different experience to the antique Singer I was using before. I’ve bought a set of bamboo knitting needles in all the sizes one could ever hope to use and finally am learning how to knit properly. The love of crochet continues, as does the wool buying problem.

I’m hoping to set up an online store here when I get around to it. Then some of my established designs will be available for sale, starting with crochet blankets. Some better organisation skills are in the works, so my little house is less of a crochet covered nightmare, but I still ought to let go of some of the completed projects to make room for more.

Will get some posts scheduled showing you some of my projects, pictures included as soon as I’ve taken them!

Let me know what you think of the new (and hopefully improved?) look!