For Sale

So I’ve been busy crocheting away, working on some new blankets. I’ve got a lot of affection for these blankets. My great aunt made me one as a child which I still have today and they are the first thing I made myself. My first attempts were pretty laughable, but now I make them while watching TV, little attention required. Made in bright, attractive colours, these blankets are also warm and practical as they are all machine washable.

Since they are so simple and enjoyable to make, I’ve amassed quite the collection, even after giving many away. Some I didn’t photograph before they were given, which I regret a little in hindsight. In particular there was a lovely graded blues/white blanket which worked out particularly well, but off it went without a picture. Silly me.

In order to crochet any more I really ought to make some room. So the first stock of blankets are now ‘For Sale’. Here they are: *UPDATE* All Sold!

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The Purse Possibility

So when I finally was brave enough to try my hand at something other than crochet blankets I thought that I would start small. I picked a simple pattern, still only involving straight lines, to make a coin purse.

The first time I try a new pattern there are usually mistakes, or bits I don’t think look good, or the tension is wrong or any number of things that just don’t work. My usual solution is to get the gist of the idea in my head and make it up as I go along to create my own version. This is a much easier process when it’s a small item.

Using my standard Double Knit wool and a 4mm hook, I quickly worked up the basic version of the purse. For once it actually turned out quite well for a first attempt.

It looked a bit basic so I decided to jazz it up a bit and add a crocheted flower, which also acts as a fastener. A loop of grey fits over the rose and holds the flap down so your money won’t escape.

Of course having made one and found it pleasantly simple I decided to get right on making some more.

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Crochet Blankets

There will be much more exciting posts about my crafty ways coming soon, but until then I thought what better way to start us off than where my making things obsession began.

Crochet blankets.

Really easy to make, colourful and attractive, they are the perfect starting point for anyone who’d like to get into crochet. All you need to know are a few simple stitches and you needn’t worry about making mistakes, because they’re easy to fix. At first you need some concentration, but I find that it’s a great pattern for practising your basic skills.


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