Fingerless Fun.

Who says that you can’t have fun without fingers? Probably no one, but indeed I have had plenty of enjoyment from this project. I’m not sure quite what to call them: fingerless gloves, arm warmers, wrist warmers or even… wristers? That’s the suggestion from the pattern, but you know me, I can’t help messing with the pattern just for giggles. Here’s what they were meant to turn out like –

You can’t see very well from the picture but they originally just had a slit for the thumb, which wasn’t very warm or comfortable. So I decided that since I’d been spending so much time on my knitting lately that I’d try a new crochet design. I checked out the hook needed and basic measurements and got to work.

It’s a surprisingly simple pattern to follow once you’ve started and even after making 3 gloves (the tension was strange in the first attempt!) I had enough wool left over to make a matching hat… which unfortunately I couldn’t find to photograph this morning, hope it turns up.

Also forgot to take a picture of the progress as I worked, was over too quickly, I do apologise and shall be more thorough with my camera in the future!

So here’s the finished product –

…with added thumb hole, much cosier and comfy!

Adding these was easy-peasy, just picked up a loop after sewing them up and worked a couple of rounds extra with a smaller hook.

I opted to make the shorter version but you can also work these up in a longer length, up to the elbow.

Next consideration was decoration! You might remember my magpie like fascination with the shiny, so I was delighted to find this for just £1…

A multitude of sequins! I spent ages going through them, like the big geek I am and found a few that would work well. There were enough for the gloves and the now missing hat, so a set was made. I’m thinking this could be good come festive gift giving time.

So the question remains… what on earth to call them?