Crochet Blankets

There will be much more exciting posts about my crafty ways coming soon, but until then I thought what better way to start us off than where my making things obsession began.

Crochet blankets.

Really easy to make, colourful and attractive, they are the perfect starting point for anyone who’d like to get into crochet. All you need to know are a few simple stitches and you needn’t worry about making mistakes, because they’re easy to fix. At first you need some concentration, but I find that it’s a great pattern for practising your basic skills.


At this point I’ve made so many that I don’t even have to watch what I’m doing. I crochet while catching up on my TV shows and it’s a productive way to calm my fidgity hands! Sometimes I loose track of what I’m doing, continue to crochet and crochet and they end up huge…

Like this one, which is almost 2 meters on the diagonal.

These make wonderful gifts and are great for brightening up a room. You can place them on beds, couches or even use them as a rug. I’ve made several pastel coloured versions as gifts for new babies.

I have given plenty away as gifts, but still have many more around my house, which is turning into a bit of a crochet nightmare. That’s why I’ve decided to try more challenging patterns, turning my hand to purses, bags, shawls and even a dress, which I’m quite excited about. I think though, that it’s always good to remember where you started, so I have a lot of love for the humble crochet blanket.